How Joomla can help you to build and use an e commerce shopping cart?

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21 October 2010
An online shopping cart used is for making any kind of purchase on internet. When buyers select items for purchase, they enter into the shopping cart section. The shopping cart software calculates the total prices for the items including the optional prices like packaging and shipping. There are many business sites that use ecommerce shopping cart to help buyers for placing items on the ‘basket’ and for ‘check out’.

Joomla is the open source content management software used extensively for ecommerce solutions by building websites and user friendly online applications. Joomla can be customized to develop many advanced software. One of the popular Joomla extensions is in the field e commerce shopping cart software. Joomla does not have any built-in feature for shopping cart. But being on the open source platform and being compatible to many other application ‘components’, the shopping cart facility can be integrated in it very well. VirtueMart is one of the most popular shopping cart software developed to work with Joomla platform.

You can download VirtueMart free of cost from its official website. Then from the Installers menu of Joomla environment (and Components sub option), you can install it easily. Does Joomla VirtueMart bring all the options for successful shopping cart functioning? Truly it does. Go through the following points to understand the advantage of using Joomla VirtueMart shopping cart solution.

Advantages from the viewpoint of Administration: As the online merchant of your Joomla VirtueMart driven shopping cart, you can get the following advantages:

  • You can put multiple images of your product on the shopping cart and add description (like size, color, variations) for each product
  • You can segregate product types.
  • You can set different prices for various product types and consumer groups.
  • Multiple currency and number formats can be set for prices
  • You can view the stats about the new consumer and details of new orders.
  • Detailed order management and report generation about the performance of business
  • You can remove the shopping cart option and can use it only as an online catalogue to showcase your products.
  • Administrator can keep the option for ‘virtual Goods’ which can be product specifications in the form of PDF or demo software or any similar thing for download. This facility does a better product promotion to your customers before the product is sold online.

Advantages from the viewpoint of Consumer: Now, let’s see what facilities your online buyers can avail from Joomla VirtueMart:

  • Creating easy accounts for users and managing it
  • VirtueMart shows any particular product is available or not
  • Consumers can search for the products through appropriate categories, manufactures and product name.
  • Consumer can view unlimited number of products displayed under this Joomla shopping cart.
  • Consumers can download product features, pictures and software if the option (virtual goods) is made available by the administrator.
  • Consumer testimonial is very important for every product sale. VirtueMart provides the option to give user rating and write testimonials for products. Consumers express their feedback of experiencing any product.
  • VirtueMart sends consumers confirmation email after the purchase is done. One copy of the email is sent to the site admin also for sales update.

From these specifications you can understand how this powerful shopping cart software on Joomla works and is really helpful for the smooth functioning of your business. It’s really a great experience to use Joomla VirtueMart shopping carts for professionally selling your items online.

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